The growing tourist development in Costa Rica was the key for the founding a university specialized in the education of highly qualified human talent, to cope with the demands of hospitality and ecological tourism.

Compliance with the necessary requirements for the registration and accreditation of the university was accomplished through an analysis of professional needs in the Costa Rican tourism industry and a selection process for faculty members.

The Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) approved the University of Tourism (UTUR) to operate in session 302-96 on June 17th. 1996.

The University aims to respond to the constant need of professionals with skills, knowledge, passion, and integrity within Central America. making it a unique higher education institution specialized in the key degree courses needed in the hospitality industry.

Nowadays, hospitality industry entrepreneurs, human resources managers, consultants, tour operators and other organizations in the tourism area express great satisfaction in having students and professionals from UTUR as part of their staff.