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Food And Beverage Management

Food And Beverage Management

The degree course in Food and Beverage Administration offers a fully integrated university education plan designed to prepare dedicated professionals in the areas of the culinary arts and gastronomy.

Our professionals receive all the resources needed to become proactive, analytical experts, team-players, able to respond to working under pressure and dedicated to work in the continuous improvement of the gastronomic industry.

This degree course is designed to the highest international standards. Its methodology combines theoretical input with ample practical experience of cuisine, supported by a faculty of outstanding quality and experience. The curriculum allows the students to do internships in national and international hotels and restaurants, institutional and company cafeterías and canteens, clinics and hospitals.

As members of the “Confederación Panamericana de Escuelas de Hotelería, Gastronomía y Turismo” CONPEHT, UTUR students can do internships and academic attachments in countries which are real homes to the culinary arts like Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panamá, México, Uruguay, Paraguay, Cuba, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, among others.


To prepare professionals with a real passion for their calling, who are highly competitive and have an integrated vision of their field, who are innovative and able to lead successfully teams to perform effectively and efficiently.

Professional Profile

We train highly competent professionals, polite and quick to cooperate, dedicated to the ongoing improvement of the culinary and gastronomic branches.

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